The most eco-enthusiastic coloring process
grows in our labs - and in our hearts.

Here's to imagining a world where creativity and nature live in harmony. To crafting colors out of sustainably sourced organic and inorganic elements - the flowers, trees and stones around us. To shifting the way we envision and produce colors for creative industries. Here's to the first step towards a new relationship between the creativity that makes us thrive, and the environment that we need to live. Or the other way around.
Everdye is this vision of a new universe, and we work everyday to make it become a reality for all.

What we believe

We should be able to enjoy colors and design without harming the planet.

We can all put a dime in the process of changing behaviors towards more sustainability.

We can make a difference to save what can be, improve what should be, create what could be

Our goal

We’re here to create a new standard.

We are not interested in short-term solutions and selective improvements: we’re after durable disruption and game-changing innovation.