Chemistry brings out the future of colors.
Sustainable from the molecule to the garment.

Patented innovation

Our innovation solves two problems at once: the synthesis and the attachment of dyes.

Made out of organic and inorganic natural elements, it steps away from petroleum-based dyes, making it non-toxic.

Combining pigment with a biosourced organic polymer binding agent, it offers perfect electrostatic attachment while using no heat and short amounts of time.

Last but not least, our technology makes the cleaning of the water after the process easy as a pie - just a simple mechanical filter is necessary to release fresh water into our ecosystem.


We use science as a tool to design better interactions with our ecosystem.

Science’s potential to change our lives remains largely untapped. We use the most advanced frontier of knowledge to create and apply colors in harmony with nature.

We believe the curiosity, tenacity and exploration found in scientific research is the core driver of the creative mindsets that pushes boundaries. Combined with primal elements and first principles, they are the two forces that bound us together on our quest for a new standard.

Research and development

Our hunger for more sustainable creative practices is unquenchable. We are always working towards new applications of our innovation to help industries grow and evolve towards a cleaner production. We partner with like-minded experts to imagine new uses for our coloring process. If you’d like to know how our technology could work for your project, get in touch.