Crafting creative tools
for a better tomorrow

Greener dyes for a circular harmony
from garment to waters

We aim at making the manufacturing and use of colors the cleanest it can be. To renew the relationship between humans, ecosystems and industries, we work on lowering the impact of every step of the dyeing process.

For our ecosystem

Clean water and sanitation (SDG 6)
We pledged to bring to the market a new way to dye fabrics with no petrochemicals.We have created a new process crafted to address both the constraints and challenges of the textile industry. Our accessible solution offers the industry a new standard of dyeing that can end the water pollution of our waters and oceans it’s currently responsible for.

Climate action (SDG 13)
Rising temperatures have proven the urgency for climate action. Our low-energy process reduces the carbon emissions of textile dyeing that account for 52% of the industry’s global impact.

Partnerships for the goals (SDG 17)
We collaborate with sustainable fashion partners such as Fashion For Good, the Common Objective initiative, and sustainability innovators to contribute to systemic improvement. We are backed by impact-driven investors who enable and advise us to maximize our global imprint.

For us people

We believe creativity is a huge part of what makes us human - our ability and passion for designing new ideas, ways and goods to surround ourselves with. Our resources-conscious approach helps ensure a future where novelty doesn't come at a cost for our system. So we can keep creating beautiful designs in a sustainable way and inspiring new generations of artists and makers.

Good health and well-being (SDG 3)
By eliminating the use of petrochemicals in our products, we ensure our suppliers and our clients offer a work environment free of toxic compounds to their employees.

Gender equality (SDG 5)
Gender equality is not a goal, it’s a given by which we consciously operate on a daily basis. We provide equal wages, career development access and flexible schedules.

For our industry

We stand where designers and makers meet. As manufacturers of color, we are a link that binds design studios to the textile factories. As a result, we help dyeing mills develop forward-thinking offers that get them into a new chapter of their story.

Responsible consumption and production (SDG 12)
Our involvement in responsible consumption and production is at the heart of our value proposition. By offering a room temperature process, we cut down the energy from fossil fuels by 90%. We also help protecting waters with our chemical-free certified dyestuff that contributes to the transparency and traceability of the textile manufacturing of garments. 

Industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9)
Our room temperature process contributes to the fundamental change of the textile production patterns toward a global sustainable development of practices. Our solution offers dyeing mills an economical and environmental advantage to shift their production while sustainable economic growth.